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Frequently Asked Questions


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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the three submission categories?


Brief, "tweet-sized" text (no images / minimal line breaks or formatting). Can be prose or poetry. Recommended word count ranges between 10-150 words. (Fewer line breaks allow for more words.)

Text can be a standalone submission of prose, a single poem, or an excerpt from a larger body of work. 

Text submissions should be titled and, if applicable, may include a subtitle.

Also allowed in this category are longer bodies of text that will be printed and made available at the gallery for guests to turn into "blackout" poems.


This is the category for submissions that include a visual component to the text but do not require any special or accompanied interaction from the viewer. Examples might include calligraphy or typography, letters or words constructed out of three dimensional objects, or images of text superimposed onto an image or illustration, among any other range of possibilities. 

The best submissions should be a unique "fusion" of the visual and textual components, but not one where the words are secondary to a picture. For example, pieces that may not be best suited for submissions are comics or captioned photos / illustrations. 


This is the category for work that includes an interactive component. Whether it involves sound, touch or participation, submitted proposals should suggest installations that fuse literary art with performance to enhance or add meaning to the text. 

Ideally, installations should be very simple, requiring few materials and should not expect to take up a lot of space. 


do i have to live in new york to submit?

Nope! Applicants who do not live in New York or do not anticipate being able to visit Brooklyn for the time of the show are still welcome to submit to the gallery, and will be credited accordingly. 

Can I submit to more than one category?

Yes. You may apply to one, two, or all three - but each category entry must be submitted as a separate application.

How should I interpret the theme?

 The themes are usually left open-ended to encourage variety from applicants. Writers may 'deconstruct' the theme as a concept, address it directly or indirectly, and are welcome to be as literal or as figurative in their interpretations as they like. So long as each entry adheres to the theme in some way and follows the guidelines according to its category, all submissions are welcome. The more creative, the better!

When will I hear back? What happens if my work is selected?

Applications close on January 9th, 2018. At that point, all submissions will be evaluated and chosen by the end of that month. 

Selected applicants will receive an email informing them that their piece has been chosen for the gallery. For text and poetry submissions, it's unlikely more info will be required. We will be working more closely with applicants presenting visual text or installations. Either way, you'll be contacted with more info about what's next.