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Letterbox Entries


A collection of essays on media, pop culture, art analysis, relationships and femininity. Basically, subjects of interest to the Thoughtful Woman navigating a sometimes uncomfortable existence in the Modern World. 

What's Next?

Following the launch of The Lit Exhibit, I’ve been getting asked what’s next for me writing wise and here’s what’s on my upcoming & to-do list:

Organizing more galleries. 

I’m dead set on making them a real thing that i can do, and I want to be recognized for the work I’m putting into this. I was really proud of the turnout for my first show, and simply doing it was a lot more effective for demonstrating how cool the idea is than all those times I pitched it to people. Now that people have a better sense of my vision, I’m looking forward to replicating it in the future.

Getting my book into print. 

I’ll start small, with a few vanity copies, maybe. But this is certainly important to me, so I want to figure out formatting and get that underway.

Selling & making zines. 

I really want to just do some raw stuff. The most popular section of the exhibit was raw. I’ve been getting complimented left and right for my ability to put things into words, my blog, etc. So I want to do some playful, unpolished stuff and share that.

Fixing my website. 

I really like writing articles on pop culture, media, relationships and art. Sometimes all at once. I want my site to be professional and organized and I’d like to start setting it up. That means moving away from Tumblr and getting situated on WordPress or SquareSpace.

Becoming an online mag contributor. 

I wanna be a regular contributor to an online mag. So I guess I’m into freelance right now. But I like doing articles, and while doing it for fun is great, having an official title is good for my credentials, too.

Writing & Recording more poetry.

Bedtime Stories is long overdue for its second installment. So, I’m gonna buy a recorder and have at it. This means, writing new poems and finding new backdrops to the material. I’m actually excited because I have some themes ready for that, too.

* All of this encapsulates a major genre & creativity shift for me. I would like to possibly publish a novella sometime in the future as well, just so I can experiment further with the many writing styles and techniques I’ve solidified as signature to my work. I basically want to start curating, freelancing and continuing to “build my brand”. I love writing, and I feel like it’s coming alive for me in a really big way.

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