LetterBox Entries
Letterbox Entries


A collection of essays on media, pop culture, art analysis, relationships and femininity. Basically, subjects of interest to the Thoughtful Woman navigating a sometimes uncomfortable existence in the Modern World. 

Out & About

So I've been actively attending shows, hosting my own, trying to be social and flourishing and chirpy.

I think what I'm looking for these days is more of some kind of balance between time I spend with others, time I work, and time I use to recharge. I haven't mastered this, and I guess maybe it's a reflection of my time management, but I am working on it. 

Over the last week or so, I've met a lot of new friends, and I've begun finalizing details for The Lit Exhibit, which in many ways feels like my biggest / most ambitious project and accomplishment. 

I get a unique and slightly addictive thrill from being "busy" all the time. I'm not overwhelmed to the point of not being able to handle things as they come, but there's something to be said for having few open slots in my schedule because there's something cool to do always around the corner. That feels good. Putting together shows feels good. Meeting new friends and networking feels good.

I think I'm happy? This is totally the "Do what you Love and Love What You Do" vibe that gets mythicized so my new step is naturally to make what I'm doing sustainable.

Here are some snapshots of my life & Journey, as of March 2017: