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About Lana C. Marilyn

About Lana C. Marilyn

I’m a winner of the 2012 Random House Creative Writing Award, a self-published author, and i have committed myself to making writing and literary art a sensual, social and immersive experience. 


I have been writing from the time I learnt how, and before that, I can distinctly remember myself as a child sitting alone and reciting stories out loud. Which is to say that I come to literature and storytelling from a place of familiarity. 

"What do you write?" 

The answer is: everything. Novels, essays (academic / research & personal), poetry, scripts--both for theatre and screen--are all areas within my skillset. I can write just about anything, but I enjoy essays, fiction and playwriting the most. 

I want my stories to star and empower girls, so I write primarily about and for wome whether it’s memoir, poetry or prose in any of my preferred genres (paranormal, fantasy, scifi). In May 2016, I self-published Wet Sand in An Hourglass: a self portrait in words as my debut work and a tribute to the trials and tribulations of rising womanhood. In July 2016, I organized and hosted the first ever writing gallery–The Lit Exhibit–in Brooklyn, NY. It's since blossomed into a side hustle.

Career goals aside, I’m an emoji advocate, a stationery & crafting enthusiast, as well as a recreational crier and selfie queen. Other fun facts include: I identify as bisexual, I share a birthday with Harry Potter, and I am West Indian, specifically Vincentian-American. I have an unruly sweet tooth and enjoy complaining about love triangles, unnecessary movie sequels and miserable winter weather. 

When I'm not hosting an event, performing, or writing, I work at my day job in Brooklyn, NY and tweet / blog about my complex and sometimes tumultuous feelings.