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About Lana C. Marilyn

About Lana C. Marilyn

I am a bisexual, female Vincentian-American writer from Brooklyn, NY. (Born July 31, 1994 if you want to do that math.) I’m a winner of the 2012 Random House Creative Writing Award, a self-published author, and currently pursuing a degree in screenwriting and linguistics from SUNY Purchase College. 

I have been writing from the time I learnt how, and before that, I can distinctly remember myself as a child sitting alone and reciting stories out loud. Which is to say that I come to literature and storytelling from a place of familiarity, and I have committed myself to making writing and literary art a sensual, social and immersive experience. Furthermore, I aspire to eventually start my own independent writing courses for middle-school-aged girls, in addition to a dozen other things on my To-Do list.


The most common question I get asked is, "What do you write?" The answer is: everything. Novels, essays (academic / research & personal), poetry, scripts--both for theatre and screen--are all areas within my skillset. I can write just about anything, but I enjoy fiction and playwriting the most. Following the publication of my book, I've been taking a break from long-form fiction and setting my eyes on essays, collaborative pieces, short stories, and zines. I'm also looking to eventually learn how to write comic scripts. I occasionally do freelance editing and idea consultations, usually for friends.


I want my stories to star and empower girls, so I write primarily about and for women–whether it’s memoir, poetry or fiction in any of my preferred genres (paranormal, fantasy, scifi). In May 2016, I self-published Wet Sand in An Hourglass: a self portrait in words as my debut work and a tribute to the trials and tribulations of rising womanhood. In July 2016, I organized and hosted the first ever writing gallery–The Lit Exhibit–in Brooklyn, NY. Planned for the fall are zine workshops and other literary based events. 


Career goals aside, I’m an emoji advocate, a stationery & crafting enthusiast, as well as a recreational crier and selfie queen. I have an unruly sweet tooth and enjoy complaining about love triangles, unnecessary movie sequels and miserable winter weather.