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The Lit Exhibit

The Lit Exhibit

The Lit Exhibit is a gallery showcase consisting entirely of visual, textual, and interactive literary art by contemporary and emerging writers. the project is founded, organized and hosted by writer & curator Lana C. Marilyn.

In its first iteration, The Lit Exhibit debuted on July 29th, 2016 at The Living Gallery in Bushwick, Brooklyn. The event was a showcase of literary art, with its main feature being a series of excerpts from the recently published book, Wet Sand in An Hourglass, written by Lana C.  Marilyn.

It’s a way to highlight original work by upcoming and local writers. “I’d like to showcase word art or calligraphy and themes that reflect diverse lived experiences people have. I’m uninterested in traditional stories and more excited about elevating raw, experimental stuff by real people with something to say.
— Lana C. Marilyn, Event Coordinator & Curator

The Lit Exhibit: Spectrums

The first curated show premiered as a pop-up gallery at New Women Space in April 2017. The show featured twenty writers and artists total across displays of textual, visual, and installation pieces. 

As part of the curatorial process, submissions to the gallery were open for a three month period, between January and March 2017. Applicants were invited to reflect upon the theme of "spectrums" and submit work that acknowledged deconstructions of everyday concepts.

In August 2017, an encore presentation of "Spectrums" was held at Tila Studios in Atlanta, GA.